Leader Development

Senior enlisted leaders from the Minnesota Army and Air National Guard gather at Camp Ripley for the Joint Senior Enlisted Leaders conference, Jan. 29, 2018.

The Minnesota National Guard is committed to growing leaders at all levels who are trained and ready for the challenge of fighting and winning our nation’s wars. We offer our Service members opportunities for development beginning at the lowest ranks through the entirety of their careers.

The Minnesota National Guard ensures junior level leaders are trained to progress and succeed as required at the next higher level. This includes military education for their next level of responsibility and evaluation and mentorship through the Army and Air Force evaluation systems.

At the junior level, we lay the foundation for leadership. We focus on goal setting and career management to set our young leaders on a path toward achievement. We encourage junior leaders to seek out mentorship and outline career options that broaden their experience. Through our junior enlisted and officer councils, we provide young leaders an outlet to collaborate with their peers and provide feedback on issues that impact the force.

The Minnesota National Guard ensures mid-level leaders are enrolled in the education they need to progress to the next level in the organization. We provide our mid-grade officers and non-commissioned officers with timely and honest feedback and mentoring through our evaluation systems to ensure they are ready for higher leadership positions within our organization.
At the mid-grade level, we encourage opportunities to develop diverse skillsets that leaders can use to enhance our organization. We seek outside professional development training in soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication and problem solving. We encourage our mid-level leaders to participate in engagements within the community and professional development opportunities in the corporate and private sectors.

The Minnesota National Guard encourages senior leaders to attend advanced military education courses in line with their military duties and position. We expect senior leaders to be engaged in mentoring and developing subordinates. Our senior leaders also engage in mentorship through their involvement in special emphasis councils and making connections that promote relationships with our partners in government and business.

Throughout our organization we encourage and foster diversity and inclusion, with a goal of growing diverse leaders through our ranks into the highest positions of leadership. To do this, we take deliberate actions to reach out to populations in the community that are underrepresented in our formation. As with all our members, our ultimate goal is to ensure they stay in our organization so their diverse skills and experiences have a lasting impact on our force.

Leader Development

The future of the Minnesota National Guard depends on developing professional, ethical, and caring leaders who can motivate, influence, and inspire our Citizen Soldiers and Airmen to accomplish any mission in any environment. We focus on mentorship and provide critical feedback to further develop our men and women. Our inclusive organization delivers a breadth of leadership opportunities that enable our service members to grow and serve their nation and state. They are agile and adaptive leaders who advance their organizations by developing the individuals within their units. Our leadership culture enables officers and non-commissioned officers to make decisions appropriate at their level.