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Located in St. Paul, the Minnesota National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters is a joint Army and Air National Guard unit tasked to oversee operations for all state National Guard forces. Joint Force Headquarters coordinates military support at the request of the governor in the event of a disaster or state emergency. The Joint Force Headquarters can also provide a dual-status commander, specially qualified to command state and federal forces operating in Minnesota or the region.

2019 Objectives

With the deployment of the 34th Infantry Division in 2018, the Joint Force Headquarters assumed the temporary responsibility as the higher command to the units assigned to the division. In this role the Joint Force Headquarters will provide higher command support to subordinate units of the 34th Infantry Division. In 2019, the Joint Force Headquarters will continue in this role, providing exercise control and higher command for the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division during their brigade warfighter exercise at Camp Ripley and eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercise at Fort Hood, Texas.

2018 Accomplishments

In 2018, the Minnesota National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters provided command and control over National Guard forces supporting local law enforcement during Super Bowl LII held in February at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The Minnesota National Guard’s involvement in the Super Bowl was part of a coordinated plan between local, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety of residents and visitors during one of the world’s most highly-spectated events.

Minnesota Guardsmen provided security support, working alongside law enforcement officers from throughout the state. The Minnesota National Guard joined 40 federal agencies and 60 police departments in a massive collaboration, supporting the Minneapolis Police Department as the lead agency for security.

Also in 2018, the Joint Force Headquarters was reorganized to better align with operational requirements. By creating a section of individuals dedicated to domestic operations response, the organization is better equipped to not only respond to emergencies, but also to dedicate time and resources to building relationships and conducting training with interagency partners.

The domestic operations section will be solely focused on ensuring the organization is prepared to provide support to civil authorities when needed.

The Joint Force Headquarters also restored the Organizational Inspection Program, which ensures all major subordinate commands are in compliance with U.S. Army regulations. The OIP integrates command inspections, staff inspections, inspector general inspections, external inspections and audits from the Joint Force Headquarters through the battalion level. The inspections serve to identify trends and provide recommendations to help the Minnesota National Guard achieve the goals outlined in its campaign plan.

<p>MAJ Matthew Bruns<br>Commander</p>

MAJ Matthew Bruns

<p>1SG Joseph Vogel<br>1SG</p>

1SG Joseph Vogel

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