Camp Ripley Training Center Logistics

Troop Medical - CRTC MUTF, BLDG 8-81

MN ARNG Behavioral Health Program:

Provides short term mental health counseling to Soldiers and families that are currently serving in the MNARNG.  Conducts mental health and suicide risk assessments and on soldiers.  Acts as an advisor to the Commander for At Risk Soldiers. Issues Behavioral Health profiles if needed. Coordinates with community agencies in order meet the needs of soldiers and their families.


Director of Psychological Health

Danelle Breitenfeldt, LICSW


Cell: 651-303-6248


Psychological Health Coordinator

Rebecca Bontjes, LICSW

Cell:  651-358-1773


MN ARNG Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Program:

Aims to maintain and promote employee health and well-being by protecting individuals from undesirable health effects that may result from exposure, inadequate controls, operations and handling of equipment, processes, hazardous/toxic materials, products, and wastes. The MNARNG Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Program is directed toward the prevention of all types of accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses at all levels of command.


Occupational Health Nurse

Andrea Turner, RN



MUTF/TMC Services:

Office of the State Surgeon (OSS) is responsible for oversight of MNARNG Clinic operations.  Every Friday from 0800-1500, OSS provides clinic services to ensure all MNARNG units are medically deployable via an aggressive program of annual Periodic Health Assessments (PHA), HIV screening, immunizations, hearing and dental screenings.

The MUTF manager has a multitude of responsibilities that contribute to Minnesota being ready for any mission and is a conduit of information, coordination and medical supplies.  The MUTF Manager also supervises operation, performs RFMSS manager duties, building rentals and maintenance of the MUTF.


MUTF Manager

SSG Christopher Stephensen, 68W30



JFHQ- Minnesota Medical Detachment:

MN Medical Detachment (MED DET) oversees the “health of the force” for the MNARNG.  This is completed by conducting medical readiness events during the once monthly open clinic as well as during Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) events.  The purpose is to field a medically fit and ready National Guard to support both state and federal objectives.  The MED DET also maintains a ready reserve of individual Soldiers available for cross level assignment to mobilizing MNARNG units.



LTC Jason Bjerketvedt, DC



NCOIC and Readiness NCO

SFC Jenny George, 68W40