Camp Ripley Training Center Logistics


Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants (POL)

Camp Ripley's Tank Farm Storage Facility has seven (7) 50,000 gallon above-ground storage tanks. Products available at Camp Ripley are JP8 Ground, JP8 Aviation, and Mogas. As of August 2003 Camp Ripley became a Capitalized Fuel Site which means that customers must acquire a PROKEE to draw any fuel and they are billed directly from Defense Energy Support Center (DESC). Prior to arrival at Camp Ripley units/organizations must contact the Petroleum Office and provide billing information that is required to program their PROKEES. Camp Ripley has three (3) retail POL points which are available 24/7 with the use of a PROKEE. Bulk refueling must be coordinated with the Petroleum Office.


Phone: (320) 616-3001
DSN: 871-3001
Fax: (320) 632-7787
POL Supervisor:
15000 Highway 115
Little Falls, MN 56345-4173