Camp Ripley Operations and Training


Camp Ripley features numerous ranges and state-of-the-art training facilities to support unit training requirements. The post has a full complement of automated small arms and tank ranges as well as several specialized training facilities. The post also has maneuver training areas capable of supporting a heavy brigade. A complete description of each range is available from Camp Ripley Operations or download training area maps. The POC for scheduling all ranges, training areas, and facilities is Director of Plans, Training and Security (DPTS) at DSN 871-2710 or commercial 320-616-2710. The POC for range operations is the Range Control NCOIC at DSN 871-6015 or commercial 320-616-3137.

Support to Units - DPTS supports units in the following major areas:

  • Information briefings and military tours
  • Primary points of contact
  • Training areas and range coordination
  • Facility coordination

Information Briefings and Tours - DPTS will provide information and planning briefings to units considering training at Camp Ripley. Units can receive briefings on post in conjunction with a tour or planning conference. The POC is the Assistant Operations Officer at DSN 871-3124 or commercial 320-616-3124.

Training Area and Range Coordination - DPTS operates the installation ranges and training areas including Armor, Artillery, Aviation, Combat Support, Engineering, Infantry, and Winter Warfare. Scheduling is requested by using RFMSS which is online. The POC is the Scheduling NCO at DSN 871-2709 or commercial 320-616-2709.

Special Operations Training Facilities

  • Three Drop Zones
  • Confidence Course
  • Water Training Areas
  • LFX Opportunities
  • Two Prisoner of War Compounds
  • Rappel Tower
  • Demolition Range
  • Vehicle recovery Range
  • Mounted Land Navigation Course

Facility Coordination - DPTS is also the initial POC for scheduling other facilities such as housing, recreation facilities, and other garrison facilities.