Camp Ripley Mail Operations

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Camp Ripley Mail Operations

Camp Ripley’s Mailroom is located in the Headquarters area of the Camp Ripley TACC (BLDG 11-1), room 1152, near the ID card office.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail:  The Camp Ripley mail team will apply postage for all official business.  Personal mail dropped in the outbox must have postage applied by the sender.

Senders can drop outgoing letters in the outgoing mailbox (located directly across from the ID card office.)

Senders should coordinate with the Camp Ripley mail team to drop off outgoing packages.  Do NOT leave packages unsecured near the mailroom.  The mail clerk has office hours from 1330-1530 M-F in room 1152.  The mail clerk can be reached at 320.616.7572 or 651-968-6184.

Incoming Mail

All incoming mail is received at the Camp Ripley TACC.

Mail for all tenant units/departments is delivered daily (M-F) to the appropriate office.

Mail for all transient/training units is delivered daily (M-F) to the Camp Ripley Education Center, BLDG 6-76.  Transient units should coordinate with the Camp Ripley billeting desk for mail.

Mailing Address:

Individual’s Name

Full Unit, Organization Name or Office Symbol

Building number

15000 Highway 115, Camp Ripley

Little Falls, MN 56345