Camp Ripley Training Center Logistics

Food Service Support

Mission: To ensure the Minnesota Army National Guard (MARNG) units and out-of-state units have available the means to support their organizations with wholesome safe food.

The MARNG utilizes the Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) for requesting and reporting food consumption for both prepared and catered meals within the state. AFMIS requests and reporting are reviewed by the DCSLOG (DOL, J4) Food Service Section located at Director of Logistics, Camp Ripley, MN.

The DCSLOG Food Section is responsible for all inquiries on food and food equipment needs throughout the state.

Meal request/close out process:

Units need to have access to AFMIS. This is done by following the procedure outlined in “AFMIS WEB CAC Registration” and then contacting DCSLOG Food Section.

Once units have access, they submit the orders in AFMIS then eSysco. After submitting the orders a DA Form 5913 Request signed by commander must be emailed to the DCSLOG Food Service Section, notifying them of the action. Upon receipt of email from unit or organization, the DCSLOG Food Service Section will process order ensuring it complies with current BDFA; and delivery address and date are correct. After designated period of support is finished a DA Form 5913 Report, signed by the commander, is emailed to DCSLOG Food Service Section and order is closed out in AFMIS.

If units are from out-of-state contact the DCSLOG Food Service Section for more information on procedures for ordering subsistence.

Operational Rations:
Operational rations on hand are MREs, TOTMs, Halal, and Kosher. Those can be ordered through the USPFO Warehouse utilizing the MRE/TOTM request form. All requests will be emailed to the four POCs listed below. If units are using UGRAs they should be ordered through your state and have them delivered.


Food Program Manager:
CPT Steve Zander

State Food Programmer:
MSG Anthony Buchite

CW4 Laura Leyendecker

WO1 Jeffery Schillinger