Arden Hills Army Training Site

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The Arden Hills Army Training Site (AHATS) is a military training area of Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs.


AHATS serves as a local training area (LTA) for all military services, law enforcement and civilian agencies as well as environmental and wildlife conservation programs. This training area provides the customer with the highest quality training atmosphere and resources available while continuing a positive relationship with partnering agencies and the local community.


Formerly known as the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, the facility produced over 16.5 billion rounds of small-arms ammunition for World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam conflict. The site of the Minnesota National Guard Training Area is currently occupying the acreage used for storage and ammunition testing. Although some structures of the Twin Cities Ammunition Plant still exist, the Minnesota National Guard Training Area, known as AHATS, is separated and is managed by separate agencies.

The Arden Hills Army Training Site (AHATS) is a military training area under the control of Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs. While the land is federally owned, it and all activities are managed by the DMA through the Camp Ripley Operations and Range Control Office.

AHATS is considered Camp Ripley south, and the rules that apply at Camp Ripley apply at AHATS. Absolutely nothing is different except that there is no live fire, blank ammunition and pyrotechnics.

Units will request the use of AHATS by submitting an ATS Form 23 no later than 30 days prior to the requested date. A full time (AGR or Technician) NCO of the unit requesting a training area is required to attend a Training Area Coordination (TAC) briefing at the Arden Hills City Hall with the TAC within three months of using AHATS. This NCO will then act as the Point of Contact with the AHATS TAC.

General Information

National Guard Bureau Installation Classification: Collective Training Center

Total Post Area:
Total Post 1,500 acres
Current Cantonment 300 acres
Current Training Area 1,200 acres

Level plain to rolling hills

Open field to forested (prairie woodland transition)
Water: Small lake and wetlands

Temperature extremes -39° to 101° F
Summer average 60° to 90° F
Winter average -10° to 35° F
Rainfall average 25 to 30 in.
Snowfall average 50 to 60 in.

Training Area Supports:
300+ personnel

Limited Non-Tactical

All facilities are new or recently upgraded
New operational and support infrastructure postured to meet future needs
Landing Zones supports up to CH-47 helicopters.

Distances to Major Cities:
Minneapolis 10 miles
St. Paul 11 miles
St. Cloud 72 miles

Military Training:
Common Solider Skills, Small Unit Tactics, Land Navigation, Road March, Communications, First Aid, Detainee Operations, Improvised Explosive Devise, Chemical and Decontamination, Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT), Single/Multi Ship Aviation Operations, Survive Escape Resist Evade Training, Forward Area Refueling Point Operations, Hoist and Recovery, Air Assault, MEDEVAC, Drivers Training, Convoy Operations, Load Planning, Vehicle Recovery, Staging Area Operations, Field Training Exercises, Command Post Exercises.

Partnership Agency Training:
Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, Remote Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement Skills Training, Riot/Crowd Control, SWAT, K9 Training.

Training Aids and Simulations:
Individual Gunnery Trainer, Laser Marksmanship Training System, Machine Gun Training System, Mini Remote Target System, Sniper Training System, Virtual Battle Space 2, THOR III, EST 2000.