Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Adjutant General

Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham


My leadership philosophy and style has been formed spanning a military career of over 26 years and from the morals and values instilled upon me by those with whom I have served and those with whom I currently serve.

Through my years I have seen good leaders and bad leaders. The common theme among good leaders is they treat people with dignity and respect. Dignity and respect is something extremely important to me. Everyone deserves to be treated as they wish to be treated and I use the "golden rule" - treat others as I want to be treated - as my guideline. Additionally, Soldier/Airman care is one of my priorities. "Soldiers don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" is a saying that has stuck in my mind for many years. I genuinely care for all Soldiers/Airmen and will always consider what is best for not only them, but the organization as well. Dignity, respect and Soldier/Airman care play a major role in a positive command environment. I understand a positive command environment is vital in an organization's ability to achieve success and just as important for a leader to be effective.

ADP/ADRP 6-22 (Army Leadership) depicts a Leadership Requirements Model which establishes what leaders need to be, know, and do. I strive to ensure I am a model of the attributes: character, presence, intellect; and that I apply the competencies: leads, develops, achieves. I acknowledge I am not perfect and mistakes will be made. I will admit when I make a mistake and learn from it so as to not repeat it.

Military bearing, appearance and discipline are always on my mind. Discipline is the foundation of all we do. I expect regulations and standards are followed, on the spot corrections are made, and Soldiers/Airmen live by the Army/Core Values; I will set this example. We are in a professional organization and discipline is the bedrock of our profession.

I strive to be a candid and straight forward leader. Everyone deserves to hear the truth and know where they stand. I believe this builds trust amongst superiors, peers and subordinates alike. Building trust grows with candor and truthfulness; trust is also developed when decisions and actions meet the criteria of being legal, moral, and ethical. Initially, I trust all in my charge; once violated, trust can be extremely difficult to recover. I always try to ensure my words and deeds leave no question about my trustworthiness and I expect the same from others.

My belief is Soldiers/Airmen want to do the right thing, want quality leadership and want professional development. As a Command Sergeant Major, I believe it is my responsibility to do everything I can to provide the right leadership, resources and environment for Soldiers/Airmen so they can be competent, proficient and reach their full potential. I prefer to provide initial guidance and direction and then allow Soldiers/Airmen the flexibility and latitude to develop their plan as they strive toward mission accomplishment. I do not like to hover and micromanage as I believe this creates dissention. I am more direct if the situation requires it, however, I am not in favor of restricting a Soldier's/Airman's ability to work through issues and come to their own solutions. This is part of coaching, teaching, mentoring and leader development. Mission accomplishment, however, is non-negotiable.

I am an open leader who is approachable. I desire open communication and want to develop relationships and build cohesive teams. My leadership goal is to foster a positive command environment, take care of Soldiers/Airmen and accomplish the mission.

Six Focus Areas
Prevention of Sexual Assault and Harassment:

An organization free from sexual assault and sexual harassment is the goal. We must continue to promote an environment that is free from these horrendous acts, while also promoting an environment where victims feel safe to come forward and report.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention:

Be aware of the signs that can lead to suicide and continue to make every effort to prevent them. One life lost to suicide is too many. I want every Soldier and Airman to know that it is okay to ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Every Soldier and Airman is a valued member of our organization. Being able to identify the warning signs and knowing the available resources will help the Minnesota National Guard eliminate suicide from our ranks.


We owe it to our Soldiers and Airmen to provide the right leadership, training and resources in order to support mission success. NCOs, officers and leaders in this organization must coach, teach and mentor our Soldiers and Airmen. Solid coaching, teaching and mentoring will ensure the leaders of tomorrow are prepared today.


Promote an environment where NCOs are empowered to do what NCOs are supposed to do: accomplish the mission and take care of their Soldiers and Airmen. NCOs must be more involved with the Soldiers and Airmen in their ranks and help the organization tackle the issues of alcohol-related offenses, DAT failures, height/weight failures and APFT failures. Our Soldiers and Airmen must make the right decisions as it relates to alcohol, drugs and standards of service. NCOs lead this charge and are expected to make a positive impact while instilling discipline, setting the standards and enforcing the standards. Compliance or non-compliance is a direct reflection on the professionalism within our force.

Women in Combat Units Initiative:

We will place additional emphasis on the women in combat units directive. Our organization will benefit from the knowledge, skills and abilities the female population can bring to units from which they were previously excluded.


The citizens of Minnesota expect us to be prepared to provide support to civil authorities when there is a local emergency or natural disaster. Additionally, the citizens of the United States of America expect us to be prepared to answer the call when our nation needs us. I expect all Soldiers and Airmen to complete their required job training and professional military education so as to ensure our organization is always at a high state of readiness.

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