175th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)


Unit Information

It is the 175th Regiment's mission to develop, educate and train Soldiers , leaders and technical advisors in a premiere training environment to be prepared for 21st Century missions.

The Camp Ripley-based 175th Regiment Regional Training Institute provides combat arms, Military Occupational Specialty and leadership training to the U.S. Army to prepare Soldiers and units for deployment at maximum combat readiness levels.

Each year hundreds of Soldiers from both the reserve and active components travel to Camp Ripley to attend a course offered by the 175th Regional Training Institute (RTI). The institute ensures the courses offered meet requirements for all components, drawing students from across the country and supporting the One Army School System.

The courses offered at the 175th RTI qualify Soldiers for the wheeled and tracked vehicle recovery Additional Skills Identifier. The 175th RTI also offers Advanced Leader Courses for Infantry, Maneuver Senior Leader Course, and more than 10 functional courses. The institute also contributes to the commissioned ranks by offering Phases I and II of Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Phase II of Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS).

2021 Objectives

In 2021, the RTI will undergo the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) accreditation evaluation.

Beyond 2021, the RTI will take the TRADOC assessment in an effort to continue to improve the organization's ability to provide the highest degree of instruction to the force.

2020 Accomplishments

In 2020, the RTI provided instruction to 716 Soldiers, some attending from Europe and Korea.

The RTI's operations were only marginally impacted by COVID-19. Only three planned Wheeled Recovery Courses were not conducted as the RTI made modifications to safely resume training.

Regional Training Site-Maintenance received a 95.8% evaluation rating from Combined Arms Support Command in the areas of mission, purpose, and function.

The RTI's OCS Class 64 commissioned 19 officers. Phase 1 OCS Class 65 had 92 individuals from six states (24 from Minnesota) with a 98.9% completion rate. Training included a multi-phased mass casualty exercise. The WOCS class graduated 15 warrant officers.

2019 Accomplishments

In 2019, the 175th RTI expanded their reach to provide instruction and certification requirements to the U.S. Army by providing tracked and wheeled vehicle recovery courses to members of the 2nd Infantry Division stationed at Camp Humphreys, Korea.

The 1st Battalion (Warrant/Officer Candidate School) provided the Minnesota National Guard with 23 commissioned officers and nine commissioned warrant officers. The 175th RTI provided instruction to 842 Soldiers graduating from seven separate programs of instruction.

<p>COL Jason Benson<br>Commander</p>
<p>CSM Shane Hybben<br>Senior Enlisted</p>
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15000 Hwy 115, Bldg. 2-1
Camp Ripley, MN 56345

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