Full-time Jobs in Minnesota -old

Ref # Application # Type Position Grade Unit Branch Closing Date
19-005 19-005 Open AGR Recruiting & Retention NCO SSG/E-6 MN Recruiting & Retention Battalion, Duty Station: Statewide Army 30SEP2019
19-065 19-065 Open AGR Recruiting & Retention NCO SGT/E-5 MN Recruiting & Retention Battalion Army 30SEP2019
19-288 19-288 Indefinite Technician Information Security Specialist GS-12 Airlift Wing, 133 SECURITY FORCES SQUADRON, St. Paul, MN Air 17APR2019
19-320 19-320 Temporary Promotion Program Analyst GS-09 J4 Logistics Directorate, Camp Ripley, MN Army 17APR2019
19-321 19-321 Permanent Technician Aircraft Mechanic WG-12 133rd Airlift Wing, 133rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, St. Paul, MN Air 17APR2019
19-327 19-327 Open AGR Training NCO SSG/E-6 HHC, 1ST BCT, Bloomingtion, MN Army 04APR2019
19-328 19-328 Permanent Technician SUPV ITSPEC (Policy and Plans) GS12 JFHQ-J6 Army/Air 04APR2019
19-329 19-329 Merit AGR Assistant Plans and Operations NCO (Asst Schools NCO) SFC/E-7 JFHQ-J3, Saint Paul, MN Army 04APR2019
19-312 19-312 Open AGR Aircraft Survival Flight Equipment Repairer Supervisor SMSgt/E-8 148 Fighter Wing, Operations Support Squadron, Duluth, MN Air 01APR2019
19-314 19-314 Merit AGR Readiness NCO SFC/E-7 257th Military Police Company, Monticello, MN Army 01APR2019
19-318 19-318 Permanent Technician Supply Technician GS-06 HQ 1-151 FA BN, Montevideo, MN Army 01APR2019
19-289 19-289 Open Title 5 IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC) GS-11 148th Fighter Wing, Communications Flight, Duluth, MN Air 29MAR2019
19-295 19-295 Merit AGR Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic TSgt/E-6 133rd Maintenance Squadron, Saint Paul, MN Air 29MAR2019
19-301 19-301 Open Title 5 Human Resources Assistant (Military) GS-06 JFHQ, J1, NGMN-PEA-PS, 600 Cedar Street, Saint Paul, MN Army/Air 29MAR2019
19-317 19-317 Permanent Technician Aircraft Electrician WG-10 133rd Airlift Wing, 133rd Maintenance Squadron, St Paul, Minnesota Air 29MAR2019
19-316 19-316 Permanent Technician Supply Technician GS-07 Consolidated Maintenance Activity, Camp Ripley, MN Army 27MAR2019
19-313 19-313 Open AGR Supply NCO SSG/E-6 HHB (-), 1-125 FA, New Ulm, MN Army 26MAR2019
19-296 19-296 Temporary Technician Computer Assistant GS-09 84th Troop Command, Cambridge, MN Army 26MAR2019
19-302 19-302 Permanent Technician IT Specialist (CUSTSPT) GS-11 JFHQ, J6, (NGMN-IMI), Saint Paul, MN; LOCATION: Camp Ripley, MN Army/Air 25MAR2019
19-308 19-308 Permanent Technician Materials Handler WG-05 Post Headquarters Housing Division, Camp Ripley, MN Army 25MAR2019
19-309 19-309 Permanent Technician Supply Technician GS-2005-07 USPFO-MN Property Management Branch, Camp Ripley, MN Army 25MAR2019
19-303 19-303 Open AGR Training/Admin NCO SSG/E-6 B Co (Det 2) 834 ASB, Arden Hills, MN Army 25MAR2019
19-305 19-305 Permanent Technician Surface Maintenance Mechanic WG-08/10 Consolidated Maintenance Activity (CMA) Army 25MAR2019
19-306 19-306 Permanent Technician Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic (BACK SHOP) WG-13 133rd Maintenance Squadron, 133rd Airlift Wing, St. Paul, MN Air 22MAR2019
19-307 19-307 Open AGR Flight Services Specialist TSgt/E-6 133rd Operations Support Squadron, Saint Paul, MN Air 21MAR2019
19-304 19-304 Open AGR Training NCO SSG/E-6 HHB 1-151 FA BN, Montevideo, MN Army 21MAR2019
19-284 19-284 Permanent Technician Surface Maintenance Mechanic WG-08/10 Field Maintenance Shop (FMS) 4, Willmar, MN Army 12MAR2019